Member Track Benefits

NHRA Brand & History

  • Over 70 years of drag racing leadership with NHRA.  Established In 1951, the NHRA was initially founded as a means of getting hot-rodders off the streets and racing in a safe environment
  • Today, the NHRA is the world’s largest motorsports sanctioning body with approximately 30,000+ licensed competitors and 45,000+ members
  • The NHRA network includes more the 100 tracks and 7,000 days of racing hosted
  • Fan base of 28.7 million across the United States

The Wally

  • At just more than one-foot tall with a classy brass finish, he stands on a solid wooden platform and is the most sought-after man in the world of NHRA Drag Racing. Be warned that he is elusive, and only the best can catch him.
  • It is the ultimate quest for every drag racer, from the weekend warrior Super Street competitor to the 10,000 horsepower gladiators in Top Fuel. When they earn one, they cling to it with great passion because they know there’s no guarantee they’ll ever win another.
  • NHRA Member Tracks have the exclusive opportunity to host events with the Wally at stake regardless of size or location. The Challenge, Summit King of the Track, Summit Jr. Drag Racing League Challenge, Speed for All, and NHRA State Championship events give your local racers the chance to Win the Wally at your facility.

Wally Race Box Programs

  • NHRA Speed for All  (
    • Al a carte program, purchase up to 6 one-of-a-kind Gunmetal Wallys
    • Also included, is a series banner, decals, and Speed for All branded winner hats.
    • New program to allow member tracks to highlight and incorporate the local streetcar, grudge, and heads-up racers in their area. The member track will utilize the program to promote their own events and not an outside promoter visiting your facility.
  • Summit King of the Track  (
    • (1) complimentary Wally, at no charge to the track.
    • Also included a series banner, decals, and Summit King of the Track branded finalist and winner hats.
    • The King of the Track is a long-time program from NHRA to recognize the top tier of the member track's grassroots bracket series competitors, the most coveted drag racing award, the NHRA Wally.
  • Challenge  (
    • (2) complimentary Pewter Wallys, with the option to purchase four additional.
    • Also included series banners, decals, and branded winner hats.
    • The Challenge is a long-time program from NHRA to reward the member track's grassroots bracket series event by awarding the most coveted drag racing award, the NHRA Wally.
  • Summit Jr Drag Racing League Challenge  (
    • (2) complimentary Jr Wallys, with the option to purchase four additional.
    • Also included, series banner, decals, and Summit JDRL branded winner hats.
    • The Challenge is a long-time program from NHRA to reward the member track's grassroots Jr Drag Racing Series event by awarding the most coveted drag racing award, the NHRA Wally.
  • State/Province Championships  (
    • Al a carte program with the opportunity to purchase up to 8 20" Custom Wally Plaques.
    • One track is eligible per state/province annually; contact your Division office for current eligibility rotation.
    • The state championship-style competition has been around motorsports for a long time and mimics the high school state championship competition crowning the best in the land as "State Champion."
  • Specialty Wally Race Package Ordering
    • STEP 1: NHRA Member Track Website
      Update track info & submit event dates.
      Login: Member Track Password: Dragster
    • • STEP 2: Crown Awards Ordering Site
      Purchase Specialty Wally Race Packages
      Login: NHRA Password: AWARDS

Summit Jr Drag Racing League

  • The NHRA Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League offers kids ages 5-17 a chance to race half-scale dragsters in a controlled environment at many of NHRA's over 100 member tracks throughout the United States and in Canada long before they can obtain a state driver's license.
  • The cars that Jr. Drag Racing League competitors race are called Jr. Dragsters and are half-scale versions of Top Fuel dragsters. Using a five-horsepower, single-cylinder engine, a Jr. Dragster can go as fast as 85 mph and as quick as 7.90 seconds in the eighth mile, though younger age groups are restricted to slower times/speeds.
  • Each of the seven divisions also runs a Jr Division Finals Championship, mimicking the Summit ET Bracket Finals events for “big cars” crowning a Division Champion for the season and awarding the coveted Wally.
  • Many of NHRA's more than 100 member tracks offer weekly Jr. Drag Racing League programs where kids can race to earn points toward track championships in their age group. The points leaders in each class are then chosen to represent their track at the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing Western or Eastern Conference Finals depending on the location of the track.
  • Racers in the NHRA Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League will be featured during seven National Shootouts, one in each geographic division will include eight-car Jr. Dragster fields, and the final round from each shootout will take place on Sunday and be included in the event's national broadcast on FOX and FOX Sports 1. Below is the 2022 National Shootout schedule.

NHRA Street Legal

  • NHRA Street Legal program includes decals for tracks to award their Street Legal participants as they break into elapsed time benchmarks.
  • Decals available for racers at a quarter-mile facility who break the 13, 12, 11, and 10-second benchmarks and at an eighth-mile facility who break the 9, 8, 7, and 6-second benchmarks
  • New ruling in 2022 allows racers with 2014 and newer OEM model-year production cars to run as quick as 9.00-seconds and/or 150 mph (5.65-eighth mile). In addition, racers with 2008-2013 OEM model-year cars will still be permitted to run as quickly as 10.00-seconds and/or 135 mph (6.40-eighth mile).

NHRA Jr Street

  • NHRA introduced their new youth racing program for 13-16 year olds that will give teenagers the opportunity to race against their peers in full-bodied street vehicles with an adult co-driver as their teammate that combines racing and car safety.
  • This is an inexpensive program to help meet the demand for teenagers wanting to drive fast but, best of all, it’s a way for families to use drag racing as a learning tool and a conduit for family bonding,” said Josh Peterson, NHRA vice president of racing administration.
  • Competitors in the NHRA Jr. Street program will go through an orientation/licensing procedure on an eighth-mile dragstrip in their vehicles, which must meet program requirements. Approved vehicles must be registered, insured, street-legal vehicles with mufflers and street tires and limited to 9 seconds and slower.

NHRA Summit ET

  • Participating NHRA member tracks across North America host regularly scheduled events and award points. At the end of the season, each track selects a team of racers from among its top points finishers to represent the track at the divisional Summit Racing Series Finals. Competitors, running in different categories based on performance, race until a champion is crowned in each category. Points totals also are tallied for team honors.
  • Division champions in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, and Motorcycle receive a division champion's trophy, jacket, and purse. They then advance to the NHRA Summit Racing Series National Championship at the NHRA Nevada Nationals, where they receive $3,000 Summit Bonus for attending the event in Nevada and compete for a lucrative Summit prize fund, the national championship trophy, and jacket and contingency awards.
  • As many as 80,000 racers participate in the NHRA Summit Racing Series; it is the largest organized series in drag racing nationwide.
  • NHRA has featured an E.T. drag racing series since the mid-1970s. It provides even and exciting competition for the local racer, the backbone of NHRA.

NHRA Summit Street Legal EV

  • NHRA added Street Legal EV eliminator to the Summit ET Series for 2022.
  • Tracks will have an opportunity to promote bracket-style racing to their local EV owners, with a chance to compete at Division ET Finals, and ultimately the World Finals in Las Vegas.

NHRA Drag Race Announcer Group (D.R.A.G.)

  • The NHRA Drag Race Announcer Group is a program designed to recognize, foster, and elevate the work of drag racing announcers across the country. From aspiring young announcers to those that have been at it for years, DRAG is an interactive program which is rooted in the fundamentals of the craft.
  • The role of an announcer goes far beyond simply calling out the numbers on a scoreboard or calling competitors to the staging lanes. Through video discussions that can be joined live or viewed when convenient for members, to interactive video coaching, NHRA DRAG aims to be an engaging program that can help everyone on every level of the sport gain experience, knowledge, confidence, and acumen. Discussions will be held with the most well-known professional announcers, track operators, legendary voices from the sport's history, and more. They will be topical and informational while encouraging participation.
  • This program is designed to help foster and create a diverse, skilled, and enthusiastic core of announcing talent in the sport of drag racing. The aim is to create the best version of everyone involved in the program, not to create a uniform style for everyone to follow. If you are an announcer or someone motivated to ply the trade, NHRA DRAG is the program for you!

NHRA National Dragster

  • NHRA Member Track News
    • Member Track News is the most expansive bracket racing section in NHRA National Dragster with race stories and photos from NHRA member tracks. A track may submit up to five stories a year (the first five received will be used, so please select what you submit carefully). Challenge, NHRA Summit Racing King of the Track, NHRA Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League Challenge, NHRA Drag Racing State Championship, and NHRA Speed for All Shootouts, as well as one Jr. Dragster story, do not count against the five-story limit.
  • Bracket Racing North America  ( )
    • Allows NHRA Member Tracks to recognize weekly winners at your track with final-round statistics and the names of semifinalists in each race.
    • BRNA is an agate listing of the final-round statistics and the names of the semifinalists in each eliminator. Tracks can submit an unlimited number of reports each year. BRNA results will no longer appear in NHRA National Dragster. BRNA results also appear instantaneously online at, allowing racers to access their results sooner. Also, as an added feature, reporters can now submit Be A Winner, Be A Member results on the BRNA/Be A Winner combo form.
  • Be a Winner, Be a Member  (
    • This program is available to all NHRA Member Tracks and has rewarded hundreds of local racers for their wins at NHRA Member Tracks. The winning racer (if they are an NHRA Member and they contact National Dragster) will have their name listed among the elite racers in the country. Every month, dozens of lucky racers' names are drawn from among the winners for valuable prizes.
  • National Dragster Counter Sales
    • Your track can stock the world's best drag racing publication, thus offering a service to racers and fans while making a profit at the same time.
  • National Dragster Advertising
    • Delivered 12 times a year as part of the NHRA Membership package, National Dragster has re-opened its pages to more local racing coverage than ever before. It also offers every NHRA Track a chance to list important events and key race dates. Advertising in National Dragster is a sure way to raise awareness for your facility and your events.

NHRA Benefits & Discounts

  • 2 NHRA National Event Hard Cards
  • 10 NHRA national Event Ticket Vouchers
  • National Event tour with NHRA Staff
  • NitroMall Discount
  • NHRA Competition License Track Rebate for submitting new applicants
  • NHRA Sanction fee discount if paid by early-bird discount deadline

NHRA Partnering Vendors & Service Providers

  • List of NHRA partners who provide products & services to NHRA and our network of Member Tracks worldwide.

NHRA Resources – Field Marketing & Sportsman Racing

  • Department dedicated to NHRA’s extensive sportsman racing programs.
  • Facilitate ordering of the Wally Race Box programs.
  • Offer digital media (graphics, logos, video, etc) to be used to promote member track sportsman programs.

NHRA Resources – Division Office & National Field Office

  • Event Planning NHRA division personnel can assist you in event planning and scheduling so your track can avoid conflicts with other events.
  • Facility Consultation If your track is in the planning stages, or if you’re planning upgrades, your DD can provide suggestions.
  • NHRA Competition Licenses are processed by Division staff.  The staff is available to Member Tracks and competitors for guidance in the licensing procedures.
  • Member Track support: Event Planning, Technical Services, Safety Response Training

NHRA Resources – Y.E.S. & Launch

  • The NHRA Youth & Education Services (YES) Program was founded in 1989. It is the only full-time education program in motorsports that provides quality programs and activities for schools and youth organizations nationwide. Not only is the YES Program FREE, it focuses on the importance of goals and continued education, while allowing students to learn about and explore various career opportunities. The program will show students how S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is applied to both, real world situations and NHRA Drag Racing, which they will have the opportunity to see live at the track!
  • NHRA Launch – Motorsports Careers’ mission is to provide career opportunities to those with a passion for motorsports. Formed through a collaboration between the Vance Family Foundation and the National Hot Rod Association, NHRA Launch – Motorsports Careers will facilitate connections between passionate individuals and companies within the motorsports industry for FREE.

NHRA Resources – Insurance