NHRA Member Track Grassroot Initiatives


From the NHRA Summit Junior Drag Racing League all the way up to the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, there are a number of ways to promote drag racing within your local community and to your racing customers.


The Summit Junior Drag Racing League is a primary entry point into motorsports for children. 5X Junior Drag Racing League Conference Finals champion, Cade Poe, who plans to transition into the sportsman and nostalgia classes is an example of starting from the beginning phase of the sport to one of its top levels. In addition, Mello Yello standouts such as Shawn Langdon, Leah Pritchett, Erica Enders; and Lucas Oil elites Mia Tedesco, Shane Westerfield, and Kevin Brannon all started in the Junior Drag Racing League. See Cade’s interview below:




Also, the Junior Street program offers children a more economical option to transition into drag racing; competing with their family vehicle: http://www.nhra.com/jr-street


Below are some of our sportsman based member track programs that the NHRA promotes:


Bracket Racing North America has moved to an online format. B.R.N.A. offers our member track family the ability view their Summit E.T. Series race results from 2015 to present online.  Sharing this with your local bracket racers listed in B.R.N.A. and encouraging them to share on social media will help promote the sport in the region: http://www.nhra.com/brna


The Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series runs all season long. NHRA promotes the series from the grassroots level all the way to our National events: http://www.nhra.com/prosportsman/videos/all/12441


Drag a friend to the strip. Encourage your local racers and fans to bring their family and friends to watch the fast growing motorsport: http://www.nhra.com/nhra-101/drag-friend-strip


We will continue to promote these grass roots initiatives together with all of your help